Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #23) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Whoa.After the last several Dark-Hunter fiascos that I've read, this was an amazing surprise. Really, kind of a deja-vu of Acheron. 75% plus of the story is the long ago history (9500+BC) which tells Styxx's childhood, which was the polar opposite of what we'd been told/shown before. And as bad, if not worse, than Acheron's. Best thing? It really didn't 'retell' Acheron's book. Nice.I must say that as much as I loved and felt for Acheron in his book, I loved Styxx more. And Acheron didn't hold up as well. Okay, he redeemed himself there at the end, but the boy definitely had his faults exposed here.My only complaint (and it's one I had about Acheron, as well) s that in the last 10% or so, there was a ton of action and info dumping that made my head spin. After reading hundreds of pages of angst-filled history, it was a bit jarring to kind of be thrown into the climactic ending and explanations so quickly and heavily (I like the onion process best, myself. You know, peeling away the layers slowly - NOT chopping the onion open wide in one blow). A star lost for that. :/But if Acheron was a book you really liked (like me), I don't think you'll be disappointed in this one.Recommended. For sure.