The Girl's Guide to (Man) Hunting (Bluebonnet, #1) - Jessica Clare Let me start off by saying that I really like Jill Myles (aka Jessica Clare for the purpose of this book). I like her sometimes quirky, but not too stupid heroines, and her pretty awesome heroes.But this book? Not so much.Maybe not having the heroine's 1st person POV has something to do with it, but I really just wanted to slap the heroine silly for the first half of the book. I mean really, what intelligent woman sets out on a 7-day survival-training camp with seduction in mind? Out in the woods with all of those other men around, and getting all hot and sweaty (not in a good way, mind you). Eew. Maybe 1st person would have a bit more internalizing/justifying her behavior in a way that would have convinced me of some heretofore unseen motivation, but 'Evil Miranda?' Nope. Dumb.And then to have even hotter and sweatier sex basically every chance she could flash her boobs at the poor guy? Especially after having, unearned, a reputation as the 'town slut.' Come on, really? TSTL just seems to fit the bill on this one.Okay. I have to confess, the only reason I kind of liked the book was because of the hero's actions at the end. One extra star for Dane's awesome and brave act of contrition. Kudos.But other than that, I don't think I'll be interested in 'Jessica Clare' versus Jill Myles.