Alone (The Girl in the Box, #1) - Robert J. Crane 3.5 starsNot sure how I would classify this one - sort of Urban Fantasy? Sienna's mother has kept her isolated and house-bound her entire life with no explanation other than, "It's dangerous out there." And one day, Mom leaves and doesn't come back. Instead, 18 year-old Sienna is left on her own facing 2 intruders who've broken into her house with the intention of retrieving her.So begins the mystery of who and 'what' Sienna is, and discovering that there are 'Meta-Humans' (humans with super-hero powers/skills, etc) out there, and she is one of them.My thoughts? Well, it was difficult to like Sienna. She was fairly immature, but smart-ass at the same time. Her decision-making skills left a bit to be desired. On the other hand, I guess that would be fairly realistic when you consider that her mother was the only human contact she'd ever had prior.The story moved fairly quickly, the action was well-paced. I do wish that it had been a bit longer, in order to flesh out the world-building a bit better.Oh, and for those who know me - the technical aspects (grammar/editing) were totally fine. :)