The Silver Devil - Teresa Denys Re-read 8/2013Oh, I know this old bodice-ripper sets off a plethora of hot-buttons for many readers. Fortunately - not for me.All of those hot-button issues aside, this is a very well-written, cult-classic, book. The tone is very dark; Felicia's first person narrative detailed, enlightening, but not omniscient. Truly, though she is presented with all of the facts (albeit, ambiguous facts), she doesn't put things together very well in her naivety of the deviousness of Domenico's world. This actually makes things more challenging for the reader - to pick up on the nuances that are Domenico, to look past his 'devilishness,' and see his true motives and feelings for her.In real life, Domenico would be a dangerous sociopath, but in Romancelandia, he is a romantic, over-the-top, jealous, possessive hero of the first degree.Truly one of my favorite books, despite it's increasingly non-politically correct nature.