The Marann (Tales of Tolari Space, #1) - Christie Meierz Okay. First of all, this is somewhat of a serialized story. There is sort of a completed plot, but clearly, there are some major holes waiting to be plugged in the next book.Second, it's got a fairly subtle love story which takes nearly the entire book to actually start (I admit, that's a slight exaggeration, but it really crawled), not helped along by the fact that there is no touching/kissing and the one or two potential love scenes are fade to black.Third, a few of the scenes, particularly at the beginning, felt a bit contrived (didn't flow well, though I see the intention of them being there).Despite all of this, I really liked the book. The world building (sci-fi-ish) wasn't over the top, but sufficient to get a clear picture, the hero was not 2 dimensional (the heroine capitulated to her entire situation a bit too quickly for me, but she was likeable), and there was enough of a sense of mystery (though unresolved) to keep me reading.Tech note: Well edited, no obvious grammatical issues.Not a bad effort for a debut.