Pierced - J.C. Mells Interesting premise. I wasn't fond of the heroine, and had figured out her 'secret' at the very beginning - so the reveal on that was a non-event for me. This was touted as an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. There really is NO romance - just a hint of what might come - should you choose to read book two after the cliffhanger ending of this one (I won't be). And, for what it's worth, I read the sample of book two, and as far as I can tell, it's a rehash of book 1, but from the hero's perspective. Huh.So. What I liked. I concept/idea of the story.What I didn't like. The author seemed to have a difficult time using contractions. They were used on and off inconsistently, and made the entire reading experience incredibly awkward. It was so bad that I wondered (still do) if English isn't the author's native tongue.1.5 stars