Fracture - Adam Ryle Creepy is the only word I can think of to describe this book. Could have been closer to a 3, I guess, but for some things that really kept pulling me out of the story. I 'think' the story was set in the US, all of the characters seemed to have British names. I kept seeing Harry Potterish extras every time someone's name was mentioned (Major Winterson, Colin Hardgrave, Mrs. Pettigrew, Claire Thirgood, Adriana Ranvesthorpe, etc), and the town names (no idea if they are made up or real) - Hollensvale, Malderton, Maidensborough, etc) seem British, also. I would have thought the story took place in the UK, but for mentions of 'Lowe's' for home improvements, going to Arizona, NYC, and Maine. I guess stuff like that won't bother others, but it did annoy me.Other than that, it's pretty readable.