Finding Grace - Rhea Rhodan This was a surprisingly good book. I say 'surprisingly' because I'm fairly certain that I stumbled across it via several sock puppets, and typically those recs are for undeserving, and/or pretty crappy books (can you guess that I despise sock puppets?).The type of story it is...well, hmmm. It's a romance, first and foremost, with a hero who is former military ops and a partner in a security firm made up of former military ops. He's not gorgeous - he's downright scary - scarred and tattooed, shaved head, etc. The heroine is also scarred/damaged, and though attractive, has some issues to work out. Honestly, there's not much of a huge plot beyond the love story, but that's okay. It was enough to round the story out, without overshadowing the slow building romance. Oh, and an eentsy-beentsy bit of paranormal-ish in the guise of some psychic shit. I liked liked the story, and would give it a solid 3.5 stars. If you like Tara Janzen, you would probably like this, too.