Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) - Sylvia Day Ok. For me, this book started out fairly strong, but about 70 % of the way through I started feeling vaguely like it lost its way. I did like the book/story, but unfortunately, my high expectations from the beginning were less met as I continued to read. Its similarities to 50 Shades of Grey are somewhat striking, though the level of angst and depth of character are substantially less, and Gideon's personality seems to undergo a massive change for no apparent reason other than he's obsessed/in love with Eva.I intensely dislike stories that end 1/2 way, and this one did, so in order to complete Eva and Gideon's story, I am now required to purchase/borrow the 2nd book when its released. The only good thing about the somewhat abrupt ending is that it is NOT a cliffhanger, really. It just...ends.I'm undecided whether I will read the next book or not.If I had not read 50 Shades, I might have truly liked this book much better, but it is a bit too similar, and comes up lacking, unfortunately. For those who have NOT read 50, there will be much more enjoyment.