Silence - Michelle Sagara, Michelle Sagara West I received this book as part of a Goodreads FirstReads giveaway.Strong 3.5 starsEmma is not a normal teenager, she just doesn't know it yet. The new boy in school, Eric, does know it, and he's supposed to kill her for it. You see, Emma can see, speak to and touch dead people. She is coming into her powers as a Necromancer, and Necromancers aren't good. But Emma doesn't appear to be the threat that he expected, so instead of killing her, Eric decides to help her instead. For now.What a delightfully good book. I'd classify it as YA, Urban Fantasy. No romance at all. This is apparently Michelle Sagara West's YA debut, and book one of The Queen of the Dead series. I will happily continue to follow this series.I thought the world building was fairly strong, but I expect that from an established author like West. The supporting characters were vivid, though their roles were fairly minor overall. Emma and Eric felt just a bit flat to me. And I did think that some actions by Eric didn't always fit the expectations that I, as the reader, was given. I would liked to have seen just a bit more emotion or ruminating from each of them. The story is mostly from Emma's POV, with a few bits here and there from Eric, and without enough narrative insight, on occasion they felt a bit robotic. This would be where the book lost about 1/2 - 3/4 of a star from me.Overall, I would recommend this to lovers of YA/UF.