Dragon's Eden - Glenna McReynolds Hmmm. Got this off Amazon the other day as a new re-release republished under Tara Jenzen, an author's whose work I am fond of. This book, not so much.The characters were okay, the setting was okay, but the actual plot was far, far too simple for what I was expecting. Apparently, both the hero and the heroine have pissed off some bad-assed Chinese pirate woman (nothing is shown and explanations are simplified and contrived). She has put bounties on each of them. Her daughter has stashed them away on a little-known island in the Caribbean. The heroine has lived there for several years, and the hero is dumped on her for convalescence. Nothing much happens except that each sort of thinks that s/he might be falling in love with the other. In 3 days. Yeah.Not my bag, baby. Not my bag.I like romance, but give me a freaking story to go with it.