Fever (Phoenix Rising, #1) - Joan  Swan I'm glad that I did't pay a lot of attention to the negativity that I'd seen about racial slurs in this book. Though the slurs were angering and offensive, they were also realistic, considering that they were made by gang members and a psychotic prison convict. And were, in fact, very limited and minor to the remainder of the story.I liked this book. I'd give it 3.5 stars, with a strong possibility of a reread. Reminded me just a bit of Pamela Clare's Unlawful Contact. The plot/build up of story was nicely paced, and the tension/suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. There were introductions to several potential (yummy) heroes for future books, and an open mystery that will need to be solved in subsequent books, though there was no cliffhanger ending.There were a couple of event sequence errors that had me scratching my head, but they weren't bothersome enough to affect my reading enjoyment.I will say that I'm glad I didn't pay the original high price that the book was released at, and instead got it at a reduced price, making it well worth the money.