The Mistress of Trevelyan (Trevelyan, #1) - Jennifer St. Giles I really liked this book - up until the end where it all fell apart.It very strongly reminded me of all the Victoria Holt gothic romances I read as a teenager and loved. The story flowed well, kept my interest throughout, despite a few inadvertant typos and a disconcerting tendency for one of the characters, Katherine, to switch over to Catherine, oftentimes within the same paragraph.My aggravation - enough to drop one entire star - is that the resolution of the mystery is one of those Scooby Doo type who dunnits. Though I slightly suspected the culprit, none of the reasons were even remotely foreshadowed and I felt like the whole pot of revelations was just dumped in my lap within a page or two. What a let down.Ah well. At least the first 92% was really absorbing.