Lancelot And The Wolf (The Knights Of Camelot, #1) - Sarah Luddington I really liked this book. But I'm afraid that I had to cut back a star for the terrible misuse of punctuation. It wasn't enough to completely take me out of the story, but if it hadn't been an issue, the story would have been SO much better.I'm a huge Arthurian legend fan, so reading this was a pleasure. The fey/magical elements were pretty on form, and I loved the fact that it was told, 1st person, from Lancelot's POV. The take on Arthur and Lancelot's relationship was brilliant, and again, stayed true to the essence of the legend, giving logical (though non-traditional) reasons for Guinevere's barrenness, the closeness of the two men, and the magnitude of the betrayal when Lancelot and Guinevere commited adultery. Excellent!Lancelot's use of more modern language could have seemed out of place, but worked for me. I think it was because of the 1st person. In any time period, a character is going to speak and think in their own slang/lingo - whatever. It actually was refreshing.Essentially a m/m story, the sex wasn't particularly graphic or prolific. I'll definitely be reading the next book.