Fever Moon: The Fear Dorcha - Karen Marie Moning, Al Rio, David Lawrence, Cliff Richards While I did like this, there are some things that had me reducing the stars a bit. So - things I liked: Well, of course, another view into the Fever world, and a real visual at that. Then the story itself. I'd totally forgotten about Mac's encounter at the bar with the Fear Dorcha and the Dreamy-Eyed Guy. Very clever for KMM to have pulled that existing cue from the original books and build on it. And the illustration of DEG was pretty yummy. :) Complaints:The resolution/end happened so abruptly that I had to backtrack to see if I missed it (I had, because it literally was so fast). Overall, the book was too short and left me wanting more.Though the illustrations were great, I had difficulty with how some of the characters were portrayed. Mac was a bit too 'mature' looking and far too voluptuous, a bit too coldly beautiful for my previous internal visualization. Barrons wasn't bad. Dani threw me the most. IIRC, she's only 13/14 at the time, but she was illustrated with large breasts and looked to be at least in her 20s. That would be fine, if this had been a book in the upcoming series starring Dani where she is older, but the timeframe is completely wrong for that. This graphic novel is pretty high quality - hardback and thick pages. I have a soft spot for graphic novels based on my favorite books, so even though I was disappointed in some of its aspects, I'd still recommend this to those interested in continuing with the Fever world.