In the Spotlight - Ann Mauren Sorry. This was a DNF for me at 35%. There's no overt editing or grammar issues, no homophones or spelling screw ups, either. My problem with the story is that at 35%, there had hardly been any dialogue. The entire story was 'tell, tell, tell,' and very little real story happening.Just about every character that Ellery, the MC, sees, gets a detailed background. And frequently, when you think something interesting is about to happen, the chapter ends, and the new chapter starts a few days/weeks/months later. I think what had me finally setting the book down was when I realized that the majority of the conversations in the book went like this:"I mentioned my parent's last minute decision vacation plans to Lidia, shortly after receiving the news myself, and she seemed oddly concerned. She asked if I wanted her to come and stay with me at night or if I might like to visit her at her place while they were away."See what I mean? No dialogue. There is no 'showing' in this story. I reiterate, it's all 'tell.'I was intrigued by the storyline, and had really wanted to read the whole book, but the feeling of, 'when is the story going to start?' got too strong for me to overcome. Others who won't have issues with this type of storytelling may enjoy it. Unfortunately, it was not for me.