On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young 3.5 stars. A lot of my friends really loved this book. I liked it. I think it's worth recommending to those who like 50 and/or Bared to You, Kristen Ashley books, etc.Joss Butler lost everything 8 years ago when her family died in a car accident. Now, she's moved from the US to Scotland, her mother's native land, and is moving along in her life with her head in the sand with regard to personal relationships/feelings.After one roommate moves out, she finds herself a new place to live, and a new roommate. One with a rich and gorgeous brother who is interested in Joss.While I liked the book, I didn't love it. Why? I'm not sure I really bought into the whole 'panic attack/PTSD' thing that has resulted due to Joss's 'head in the sand,' way of dealing with the loss of her family. And that was really the underlying plot of the way the book and her relationships played out. 8 years is a LONG time to not be able to come to grips with someone's death. I know that others may feel differently, but my opinion is simply based on personal experience.Despite this, I enjoyed the book, really liked the hero, Braden, and his family. Who wouldn't like a guy who sees what he wants and isn't afraid to do whatever needs to be done to get it?