Blade Song - J.C. Daniels Okay, so I only read this book because I saw a review from a friend whose opinion I truly respect. I didn't do any research, so I was under the impression that I was reading a 'self-published' book by an unknown author, especially because I only paid $2 on Amazon at the time this review was published.So.It was really good! Urban Fantasy meets Paranormal Romance in a Kate Daniels/Gin Blanco/Secret McQueen kind of way.I won't give synopsis or spoilers, but if you like any of the above mentioned series, you might like this one. No cliffhangers, main story arc completed, but enough left open for the series to continue.Oh, and that self-pub thing? Er...yeah. Looks like JC Daniels is also Shiloh Walker, a well-known romance/erotic romance author. Well, jeez. No wonder. :)