Cut Out for Love - Beth McGirt Adams, Greg W. Dixon The technical stuff: Fairly well edited for grammatical issues. Terrible preponderance of apostrophes that are not within dialogue, to the point where it felt that the narrator was yelling the story out.The rest:Honestly, I felt like I was reading a teenager's short story, perhaps one written for her friends, due to the minute dialogue, and severe over-'telling' of everything. At 20% there had been one true conversation between the Josh and Erica, none between Erica and her 'boyfriend,' and the rest of the dialogue was, 'fill,' to emphasize the, 'telling.'I'm not going to reiterate the synopsis of the story, other than to say it's teen-angst, and perhaps more easily read by a less demanding audience than myself.No, I did read not finish reading the entire book, nor would I want to. My time is valuable enough that I do not wish to waste it further. I put it down at approximately 50%, and am grateful that I was fortunate enough to have gotten this book while it was promotionally available for free. This review is also posted on