With Everything I Am - Kristen Ashley 2.5 stars.It was okay as a romance novel, and a bit less as a paranormal romance. I give KA kudos, though, she's 'slightly' improving her world building skills over what the previous book in the series offered.Dragged far too much through the middle, and the deliberate obtuseness of the heroine regarding 'human' vs '?' was totally ridiculous, and completely unbelievable.Though from the very beginning I had already figured Sonia's issue out, I wasn't pleased with the lack of explanation as to how it came about. This was something that should have been a monumental explanation, and it was glossed over (I really had to infer what the answer was as it was so vague).That, plus the lack of explaining the wolves' hierarchy, etc, is where the disappointment comes in. Instead, we get the same over detailed description of clothes, hair, food, and quite a few inane conversations. Less of those, more work on setting up the actual world would be a strong step in the right direction, especially if this trilogy leads to a spin-off, which is, according to the author, a possibility.Avid KA fans will love this book.