Power (Soul Savers, #4) - Kristie Cook 2.5 stars. After a marathon of reading this series, which I thought started off pretty strong, this one just...bored/annoyed me. It felt like I was almost re-reading the three previous books. Nothing really new (okay, that's wrong, there are a couple of new twists, but nothing that jumps out and says, WOW!).This go round has Lex being (again) insecure and still Mary-Sue-ish, Tristan being in trouble (again), and a long, slow, dull journey to the climax. Oh. And a cliffhanger ending. But I'll bet if you start reading, you'll know what it is before you even get 25% into the book.I MAY read the next book. I haven't decided yet. The first 3 books were strong enough that I'm still optimistic for something better. But I'll wait to see what others say first.