Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas Coupla things...I read both this and the first book today. Clearly self-pubbed, by the amount of grammatical errors**, BUT, not so invasive to totally disgust me, or turn me off (and I am VERY picky).This book has a clear HEA (despite that there is apparently a book 3 coming).Aside from those two points:Many of my friends LOVE this series. Just as I thought about 50, I 'liked' it, but did not think it worth the hype. Jesse reminds a lot of Travis from Beautiful Disaster. In real life, I would not go anywhere NEAR either of them. In romancelandia, there is a certain appeal. However, I have to admit, Jesse comes across as a bit TOO needy in comparison. He doesn't have nearly the amount of confidence, and honestly? My perception of Jesse was that he was much scarier in his obsession. This Man needs a LOT of psychiatric help.Now. This is not to say I did NOT enjoy these/this book. I did. But I confess that it takes quite a bit of suspension of belief and/or instinct (for many women) to get there.Recommended for? Anyone who loves a crazy, jealous, possessive, insecure, clingy, and crazy-in-love man as the hero, and a smart, but easily overwhelmed-by-sex heroine.:) ** 'in vein' is WRONG. It should be, 'in vain.' It's not, 'cease up,' it's 'seize up.' Not, 'I wish he hadn't of tore it up.' That should be, 'I wish he hadn't torn it up.'These are the types of errors that designate this book as self-pubbed. They could have been easily fixed with a dictionary.