Falling Stars (Falling Stars, #1) - Sadie Grubor Many of my friends really liked this book, so I feel somewhat uncomfortable in that I'm going to completely disagree with them on this book.First of all, I can't imagine that Falling Stars is anything but a loosely disguised 50/Twi-fic. Christian Christopher Masen Mason, Jasper Jackson, Emmett Elliot, Jacob Jimmy, etc. Not to mention the stepmother, Esme Gwen's caramel colored hair, and stepfather, Carlisle Nicholas who looks so fine. That's not counting Alice Laney, Rosalie Serena, and pseudo Jessica and what's the name of Bella's other high school friend? And those are just the characters...I'm fairly sure that the only editing done on this was a quick run through a spellchecker, because the homophones, grammar, and punctuation were horrible.So. Where was I? Oh, the story! Yes. Well, an all boys band with a troubled lead singer goes on tour with an all girl band and the boys and girls all eventually hook up. The End (I'm guessing, here. I quit about halfway through). I wrote something very similar to this when I was in High School, for all of my girlfriends. I was 16.