Written in Red (The Others, #1) - Anne Bishop I think I'm going to have to jump on the bandwagon for this one. I debated between 4 and 5 stars, but finally went with 4 for the simple reason that, despite the fact that I couldn't put the book down and was completely drawn into the world that Anne Bishop created, there was just enough emotional disconnect that I feel justified (for myself) in withholding that final star.I do think that this book worked well for me because I had read many reviews, took away from them the common themes, had a firm expectation of pros and cons that others had experienced, and came away pleasantly surprised.This isn't PNR, the Others aren't human, nor do they have any desire to be seen that way. But it is awesome to see, as the story progresses, that they do actually become slightly more humanized, particularly with regard to the heroine, Meg, and a few of the more interesting secondary characters. And though there really isn't a romance, there is SOMETHING, something that is slowly developing, and as the series progresses, will be interesting to watch unfold.Recommended.