A Beautiful Lie - Tara Sivec 2.5 stars. This one was just okay for me. I loved the author's Seduction and Snacks, but this one fell flat for me. The premise of the story was quite good, it was the execution that wasn't strong enough for me.Good things:Loved Garrett. Loved the concept of unrequited love and the triangle aspect. Parker was 'okay.' Not my favorite heroine, but certainly not horrible like some.Not so good things:Cartoonish villains, out-of-the-blue twists that seemed a bit contrived, and I absolutely hated the awkward flashback sequences. IMO, there was a titch too much telling, not showing, and the characters' POVs were ALL OVER THE PLACE, a sure sign of an inexperienced author or an inexperienced editor who did not clean up content.The author has promise, I'll give you that, but she really needs to work on some of these types of issues in order to offer a more polished product.