Unspoken - Jen Frederick Strong 3.5.ARC received from author for an honest review.So, I admit it. I didn't really like the first Woodlands book. I thought the characters were too perfect, and there wasn't enough conflict or tension to draw me in. I was kind of bored. And I said so, honestly, in my review. I guess it was too sugary sweet for me.You can imagine my surprise when the author asked me if I'd be willing to read this book in hopes that I'd like it better. I hoped so, too, so of course, I said yes.This book was a pleasant improvement (to me) over the first. It dealt with some realistic issues about bullying (the REAL kind, not the 'imagined bullying' stemming from disagreements with total strangers on the internet). It had imperfect characters, and it had conflict and tension, but fortunately, not the OTT crap that I always complain about being prevalent in so many NA books today.And it had a really funny segment about superglue. ^_~ That was priceless.The only mini-gripe I had was that I wanted better closure with the villain. Yes, there's comeuppance, but not quite as satisfying as I would have liked (I admit to being a bit bloodthirsty when it comes to revenge justice).If you liked Undeclared, you will really like Unspoken.