Josh and Hannah (Redwood Falls, #1) - Lynda Chance A couple of things. I bought this book because it was a full-length Lynda Chance book, and I like many of her books, but always thought they were a bit short, so Yay! I was pretty stoked.And then, after about 40-45% of the way through, I started realizing that something just wasn't right. The main characters were STILL in their teens, and in high school. WTH? I read the author's note which said that it starts when they were young, but they grow up and the book is not suitable for under 17/18. Okaaaay. What's up? And THEN, a friend points out that it actually is a New Adult book. Say WHAT? WHAT!!!!! Sure enough, there it is, in the description - NA. Well crap. It really peeves me when an established author decides to change subgenres and doesn't use a new pen name. Grrrr.So - time to change my reading cap from super hot and sexy MAN, to super hot and sexy BOY - believe me, this is hard to do at this point, because my own son is a lot older than Josh, and now I'm kinda squicked out.But the requisite brain bleach aside from my digression, let me say that it was not too bad. It didn't have the seemingly 'requisite' OTT angst like many NA books, but then on the other hand, it didn't have much crisis as pertaining to the Hero and heroine, either.Josh still has the LC possessive Alpha-ness that we expect, and Hannah is the same 'meek and sweet' heroine that frequents an LC novel.I have to say that the book would have been much better if the storyline of the villain had hit a bit closer to home to create more tension, but like most of the tension filled moments in this book, it ended with a - well, NOT a bang - whimper.Yes, it wasn't 'bad,' but neither was it great. 2.5 stars, rounded to 3.