Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire 3/2/2013 update:Oh, lovely. It seems that legions of Beautiful Disaster ebook (kindle, specifically) are getting emails from Amazon telling them that their old version (purchased and paid for) is no longer available, and that for them to be able to access it further, they will need to purchase the new version for $7.95.What a fucking crock of shit. I read Beautiful Disaster. As you can see, I rated it a 3 star. It was 'okay.' It was not the spectacular phenom that the hype leads one to believe. It was an angsty, New Adult book about a college aged couple, and a hero, who, in real life, would have long been in prison for his behavior, and the heroine would have been fortunate NOT to have been a statistic instead of the oh, so, un-fucking-believably HEA.See my comments for the rest of my opinion.