Flesh - Kylie Scott So, to explain my rating:3.5-3.75 for the erotic romance aspect of the story. I'm a fan of menage, particularly permanent menages, and I thought it was handled well here. I would have rated higher, but I didn't think that the romantic emotional factor came across as strongly as I was hoping for. Not that I want a ton of angst, but I do want to feel a stronger emotional connection myself.2-2.5 for the Post-Apocalyptic worldbuilding of the zombie epidemic. It really just wasn't there. The story starts 6 weeks after everything goes to shit, and either I missed it, or there simply wasn't an explanation of how the epidemic started, progressed, etc. What we got was this is here and now, and there are zombies out there.I'd liken the story to a blend of Mad Max, [b:Surviving Passion|8036591|Surviving Passion |Maia Underwood|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1336226495s/8036591.jpg|12652130], and Resident Evil.Overall, I really liked the book, and will most likely progress to the next one in the series, Skin.