Falling for the Ghost of You - Nicole Christie 3.5 stars.What a cute book! Not sure how this one came to my attention, other than I was browsing and it just caught my eye. Between the cover and the title, I first thought it would be some angsty, tortuously emotional YA book. And then I read the sample.Not over-the-top hysterically funny, but very charming. That's how this story reads. Violet, a 17 yr-old senior in high school narrates the story with plenty of self-deprecatory snarking and outright funny comments.Slight synopsis, girl's mom meets and gets engaged to boy's dad. Girl and boy meet - instant attraction. Problem? He's 20/21, and she's 17, AND they're going to be step-siblings. Let the fun begin. ;)Technical details. Editing/grammar pretty good, no stand-out issues. Genre - I would say YA, though there are some non-graphic sexual scenes.Recommended for those who liked Seduction and Snacks, but don't mind it toned down and without the expletives.