The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1) - J.A. Redmerski My buddies are so freaking lucky that I didn't go after them with my trusty baseball bat for more than a few pages there. Alrighty then. For more than 80% of this book, it was a sweet love story; two strangers with no intention of looking for or finding love, falling in love. The heroine changes the most, I think, due to the carefree and positive influence of the hero. But honestly, nothing with a fantastic, 'WOW,' factor.And then I hit 88-89%, and everything shifted and became very emotional (grab the tissues), and secrets were revealed that were completely unexpected (hence my reaching for aforementioned baseball bat). And that's when the higher stars were earned (at least, for me).Anyway, I DO recommend it for lovers of the emerging New Adult genre.There are some steamy scenes, but it does take about 70-75% of the book to get to them. Just so you don't give up too early. ;-)