Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits, #1) - Katie McGarry How do I like this book? Let me count the ways...;)I love 1st person POV.I love alternating POVs between H/h.I love the true to life teenage angst that doesn't take it over-the-top.I love that neither main character is perfect, but flawed, but not so flawed to make me unable to identify with either.I love how both went from pretty messed up, to getting their heads/lives straightened out.And I loved the realistic portrayal of high school/teen lives.I guess I didn't like this book. I LOVED it!There are not many YA books that I find few faults with, in fact, many, if not most, have me rolling my eyes at the drama, drama, drama! I'm no longer a teenager, and haven't been one for a LONG time, but I still remember feeling the angst, tempered by growing maturity. That's what came through loud and clear for me in this book.This isn't vampires, werewolves, fae, or any other type of fantasy YA. It's a lovely, contemporary, true-ish to life YA romance.